Multi day mom

Vitakruid Multi dag mama 30 tabletten
Vitakruid Multi dag mama 30 tabletten
Vitakruid Multi dag mama 30 tabletten

Multi day mom

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30 tablets
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Extra nutrients for the health of mother and child. Folic acid in the dosage recommended by the Health Council & midwives Quatrefolic®: best folic acid available worldwide With B vitamins for energy levels

Multi Day & Nacht® Mama has improved! The formula is now completely vegan, with, for example, vitamin D from algae (Vita-algae D®) instead of sheep's wool fat. Since pregnant women regularly experience nausea and therefore have difficulty swallowing, we regularly received feedback that the tablet was too large. That's why we made the pill smaller. To make this improvement possible, magnesium has been removed from the formula. Furthermore, the choline dosage has been increased, especially for pregnant women.

Vitamins and minerals from food
A varied diet is essential to get enough vitamins and minerals from food. So make sure you vary fresh, unprocessed foods, such as vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, legumes, dairy, nuts, kernels and seeds, for optimal nutritional value. However, if you are pregnant, there are some nutrients that require extra attention:
Folic acid: green vegetables such as spinach, kale and broad beans are especially good sources. Whole grain products, meat and dairy also contain folic acid.
Omega 3: DHA is an important building block for the eyes and brain of the fetus. The advice is to eat (oily) fish twice a week when you are pregnant. Choose trout, salmon or tilapia.
Calcium: found in dairy, green vegetables and whole grain products.
Iodine: mainly found in bread, dairy, eggs and fish.
Iron: animal foods such as meat and fish and vegetable products such as whole grain products, legumes and spinach.
In addition, there are things you should not eat too much of, such as raw products, liver products, certain types of fish, coffee, licorice and soy products.

Multi Day Mom

The Multi Day Mama has been developed for women who want to have children, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. The formula therefore contains ingredients that are important during pregnancy, such as folic acid, choline and iron. Furthermore, a full B complex supports the energy level. Something you can use during this period!

High dosage of folic acid as recommended by midwives

Midwives recommend supplementation with 400 mcg of folic acid per day during the course of pregnancy. Several complications that can occur during pregnancy are related to an inadequate folic acid level. Folic acid supplementation increases the folate status of the mother. Low maternal folate status is a risk factor for the development of spina bifida in the developing fetus.

Since it takes four weeks for folic acid to be absorbed into your body, the recommendation applies from the moment you want to become pregnant. Folic acid contributes to the formation of the placenta and the growth of the fetus.

Quatrefolic®: best folic acid worldwide

Quatrefolic® has superior bioavailability compared to the commonly used forms of folic acid. Regular forms of folic acid must first be converted to 5-MTHF before they are functional for the body. Quatrefolic® is the already converted form 5-MTHF, so the body does not need any further auxiliary nutrients to experience the effect of folic acid.


Breast milk contains a lot of choline. This is because newborn babies cannot yet produce choline. There is therefore an increased need for choline during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We have therefore added 110 milligrams of choline to the Multi Day Mama.

B vitamins for energy levels

The Multi Day Mama is formulated with a complete vitamin B complex, which activates the natural energy in the body. In addition, B vitamins are good for concentration, support the immune system and help with fatigue.

Vitamin B6 in the safest form

There are two forms that are used in supplements, pyridoxine and P5P. Research from the University of Maastricht shows that side effects of high doses of B6 can mainly be attributed to pyridoxine. We therefore only choose the safe form P5P in our products. Moreover, we only use safe dosages. The Multi Day Mama contains 1.8 milligrams of B6, far below the maximum acceptable daily dose of 21 milligrams.

Active form B12

We can obtain vitamin B12 in different forms. In our body, these forms are converted into methylcobalamin, the active form of B12 (see Figure 1). However, these conversion processes can vary from person to person. The Multi Dag Mama therefore only contains the active forms that no longer need to be converted. This makes them immediately usable for our body.


30 tablets
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