C3 - Natural Effervescent Vitamin C Drink - 20 servings

C3 - Natural Effervescent Vitamin C Drink - 20 servings
C3 - Natural Effervescent Vitamin C Drink - 20 servings
C3 - Natural Effervescent Vitamin C Drink - 20 servings
C3 - Natural Effervescent Vitamin C Drink - 20 servings

C3 - Natural Effervescent Vitamin C Drink - 20 servings

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A refreshing effervescent agent with vitamin C, zinc, yerba mate and ginseng. "Slow brew" without all the unnecessary ingredients normally found in a fizzy drink.

A natural refresher with a fresh citrus flavor, combined with immune support and antioxidant effects thanks to its unique formula of natural vitamin C, zinc and beneficial herbal extracts.

Immune function
Vitamin C has many functions in the immune system and can help support the body's natural defenses. It is found in high concentrations in immune cells. One of the risks of vitamin C deficiency is the death of important immune cells. In addition, vitamin C plays a role in the regulation and movement of immune cells. Zinc deficiency affects various aspects of immune function.*

Oxidative stress
One of the most important functions of vitamin C in the body is its function as an antioxidant. Molecules called free radicals are constantly produced in the body due to the daily wear and tear of our bodies. Free radicals lack one electron to be balanced because balanced molecules always have an equal number of electrons. The one missing electron can cause chaos in the body, as it can start a chain reaction that shifts electrons from one molecule to another. An antioxidant can donate an electron and create stability - this is the role of vitamin C in reducing oxidative stress. Zinc can also protect against oxidation; oxidation is the result of metabolism or exposure to environmental factors.*

Fatigue and fatigue are common symptoms of vitamin C deficiency. A vitamin C supplement can prevent deficiencies and reduce symptoms of fatigue and support normal energy-yielding metabolism.*

Cognitive function
Zinc plays a role in the central nervous system, where it supports neural signaling in the brain.*


Ingredients Citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, inulin, vitamins (calcium L-ascorbate, magnesium lascorbate, zinc L-ascorbate), flavor (natural orange flavor, natural mango flavor), acerola berry (Malpighia punicifolia L), goji berry (lycium barbarum), corn starch, Minerals (Zinc-L-Ascorbate), Yerba Mate leaf (Ilex paraguariensis A.St.-Hil), Sweetener (Steviolglycosid), Rosehip Berry (Rhodiola rosea L.), Color (Beta-Carotene), Ginseng Extract (Panex Ginseng ), Contains natural sweeteners. Allergens Puori C3 does not contain any major allergens.


Puori C3 is an effervescent tablet. Simply drop a tablet into a glass of water and while you perform one of life's small tasks, the concoction will dissolve and be ready in 6-10 minutes. As with any dietary supplement, you should consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, anticipating surgery, taking regular medications, or otherwise under medical supervision. Store your Puori C3 in a dry area. If you take it with you on the go in the tube, it will not cause any damage to the product.
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